Ring Size

Ring Size

Determining your ring size can be a challenge but is a crucial part of the design and manufacturing process. Due to a range of different factors one’s ring size can drastically change however, with a range of different techniques available you can be sure to find the best fit!

The size of one’s finger is measured in whole and ½ numbers which correspond to a letter of the alphabet. Leading edge, centre and trailing edge are the three common terms used when sizing a ring. As rings come in a range of different widths, it can prove difficult when sizing the ring as in some cases a ring can include multiple different sizes. For example, a ring with a width of 3mm would be measured based on the size recorded at the centre. The leading and trailing edge would be irrelevant in this instance as the ring is not wide enough to cover more than one size. However, a ring with a width of 5mm, requires an extra ½ size due to surface grip plus an additional ½ size from the centre for the leading edge measurement and deduct a ½ size from the centre for the trailing edge measurement. Pictured below is a ring size conversion chart, detailing the differences between men’s and women’s sizes as well as what numerical value corresponds to what letter of the alphabet.

   Comparison of Ring Sizes     Circum     Diameter  
   USA     UK/NZ/AUS     Japan     Germany     France     Swiss     mm     mm  
Ladies Sizes
Gents Sizes
13.5Z + 1
14.0Z + 2 – –
14.5Z + 3

There are a range of internationally recognised and used tools to assist with this process. One of which is called a mandrel as seen in the picture below. A mandrel is a consistently accurate way of determining a ring size and allows one to easily identify the leading edge, centre and trailing edge measurement. The Wheatsheaf mandrel is the universally accepted sizing stick.


Getting a ring stuck on your finger is, unfortunately, a very common problem when trying on ring sizes. However, should this happen ways in which to get the ring off include but are not limited to; Soaking your hand in cold water to reduce your finger size, washing your hands with either soap or dishwashing liquid or alternatively use moisturizer or hand cream to ease the ring off.

Here at Polished Diamonds Jewellery Design, we have a range of tools to best determine your ring size. If you are unsure, need a ring resized or designing a new engagement or wedding ring please contact us, we’d love to help and are confident in our ring sizing abilities! However, titanium rings cannot be resized as the metal will not meltdown. Thus, if you require a titanium ring it is crucial to get the most accurate ring size initially as there is no room for error. In comparison, gold and platinum rings can be resized as the metal can be melted down thus if a ring size needs correcting, adjustments can be made.