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“I want Platinum!”

platinum casting and tools


platinum castings
Strength and Luster, Platinum is the way to go.

Here at Polished Diamonds, as you may already know, we use computer-aided design to create our stunning jewellery from concept to reality specifically for you, but this has other benefits you may not know about. This includes taking advantage of the fluctuation in precious metal prices like the current price of Platinum. Other jewelers stamp out their items overseas, ship them to New Zealand, and sell them whenever after sitting in a warehouse. We do not do this. You are the one who benefits when the price of precious metal fluctuates in your favour, like the current market now, because our jewellery is made to order. Our customers are rewarded for this, not our pockets.

During uncertain economic times people naturally panic-buy gold causing the price worldwide, including New Zealand, to increase. Platinum can be immune to the drastic variations, though. At Polished Diamonds we can create a ring in Platinum for close to the price of 14 Carat White Gold. Other jewellery stores can lead you to believe that Platinum is still a “premium service” and they’ll charge you accordingly, but not us. Current market rates dictate our price, not whenever the ring may have been manufactured. This great value goes directly to you. With us you don’t have to pay the premium price for the premium metal. We care about our customers, so our savings are your savings, whether a great price on a hand selected diamond or taking advantage of cheaper premium metal prices.

Raw Platinum and Gold
Only premium metal alloys are used at Polished Diamonds

What Makes it “better”?

So… then you must be asking, why Platinum? Is it really “better” than White Gold? … and the answer is Yes.  Platinum has many benefits which we will go into quick detail about. This is to hopefully help you to understand why it is a superior metal.

First, Platinum is the strongest traditional precious metal for jewellery. 1.39 times harder than gold to be exact. Now that doesn’t mean gold isn’t strong and beautiful, but Platinum is just stronger. We all know most kiwis are active people, therefore a choice in Platinum is a little more security with your everyday (and non-everyday) activities like herding kids, gardening, hiking, biking, brunching, or whatever your may be doing on a beautiful New Zealand day.  

Second, Platinum is hypoallergenic. We, at Polished Diamonds, only use premium alloys in all our metals including 9K, 14K, 18K Yellow/White/Rose Gold and our Platinum. We leave out cheap, bad metals like Zinc or Nickel. Despite using premium alloys, some people with sensitive skin can still have a reaction to gold no matter the quality. Our premium p95 Platinum is recommended for those individuals.

Lastly, Platinum does not lose its shine or lustre over time. All newly made White Gold jewellery comes with a coating called “rhodium plating” which amplifies its lustre. This plating needs to be re-administered every 3-5 years to keep the strong shine. Platinum does not need this plating and will keep its lustre throughout its lifetime with minimal upkeep. The only maintenance required is your Free Ultrasonic Cleaning at Polished Diamonds, and getting a polish from time-to-time to keep it looking brand new.   

Platinum is the way to go!

When purchasing your ring at Polished Diamonds having it for close to the same price as White Gold why would you not?! Come into our showroom and insist on your “Premium Platinum Upgrade” without the Premium cost.  

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To test our metals and independently value our jewellery, we use

platinum casting and tools
All Polished Diamonds jewellery is cast & hand-crafted in New Zealand, just for you.