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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds and form an excellent alternative to mined gemstones. Every lab-grown diamond is laser engraved and certified for diamond colour, clarity, cut and carat weight, just like the natural equivalent. The price point is about 1/4 the natural equivalent, and being made in a laboratory have a ‘green/ethical’ attachment. Polished Diamonds can supply any Lab-Grown Diamond to suit your needs. Explore our base selection below and contact our team to explore other options. We offer a base quality that is very high quality at D-F colour, VS clarity and Excellent cut, meaning the lab diamond will sparkle across the room – perfect. We can design and create any ring design with any gemstone, so contact our team to explore the options.

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Diamond Shape
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Round Brilliant Round Brilliant Princess Cut Princess Cut Cushion Cushion Emerald Emerald Marquise Marquise Asscher Asscher Oval Oval Pear Pear Radiant Radiant
Select Natural Diamond
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0.30 Carat (Lab-Grown) 0.50 Carat (Lab-Grown) 0.75 Carat (Lab-Grown) 1.00 Carat (Lab-Grown) 1.25 Carat (Lab-Grown) 4500 1.50 Carat (Lab-Grown) 5000 2.00 Carat (Lab-Grown) 6500 3.00 Carat (Lab-Grown) 8000
Diamond Quality
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Best = D-F Colour, VS clarity
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