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Wedding Rings

Polished Diamonds specialises in creating wedding rings to accommodate a range of styles and budgets. Our most popular designs are showcased online, but we also take pride in creating unique, bespoke styles. Our commitment to excellence has earned us multiple prestigious awards, including “Best Wedding Jewellery,” and we offer the best price at this quality level. Shop our wedding rings and review our page for information and advice.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings symbolise eternal love and commitment, their brilliance echoing the enduring nature of marriage itself. There are many setting styles to explore like pave set, claw set, scallop pave and channel set diamond wedding rings. Each diamond facet reflects the journey of a couple, from the initial promise to a lifetime of shared memories. Beyond their beauty, diamonds represent strength and resilience, forged under intense pressure over time—a fitting metaphor for a lasting relationship. As couples exchange these rings, they pledge fidelity and unity, a promise encapsulated in the diamond’s unbreakable structure. These rings become cherished heirlooms, carrying stories of love across generations. In their sparkle lies the hope and promise of a future built on trust, devotion, and unwavering love. A diamond wedding ring will sparkle 'across the room' and bring a smile for many years. Shop our Diamond Wedding Rings.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding rings are considered the best for several reasons. First, platinum is incredibly durable, resisting wear and tarnish, ensuring the ring remains beautiful for a lifetime. Its natural white sheen highlights the brilliance of any gemstones it holds, unlike other metals that may require re-plating. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Its rarity and purity symbolise a couple's love's enduring and unique nature. The weight of a platinum ring gives it a luxurious feel, and its strength offers unparalleled security for precious stones. These qualities make platinum wedding rings a timeless choice for expressing lasting commitment. Shop our Women's Platinum Wedding Rings or Men's Platinum Wedding Rings.

Wedding Rings

Mens Wedding Rings

Having a wedding ring is a unique experience for many men who like to look good, feel good and wear a great-looking ring. We supply many wedding ring styles like Titanium, Black Zircon, Yellow Gold and Platinum. To select your ideal wedding ring, think about the colour of the metal and then the ring profile or shape. Some rings can be thick and chunky or quite fine and subtle. One way to get a good understanding of what you like is to visit one of our shops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and try on some wedding rings. We can also make custom rings for the same price as plain rings but with family crests, logos, or important symbols like anchors, swords, or knights' armour. You'll have this ring for a long time, so it's important to research and select a style that you love. Shop our men's Wedding Rings.

Mens Wedding Rings

Womens Wedding Rings

There are many styles to choose from, but one way to narrow the selection is to base the wedding ring on your engagement ring. Selecting the same precious metal and spanning the top section with a few small diamonds looks amazing and forms a perfect wedding ring set. The team at Polished Diamonds use a 3D scanner to map your existing engagement ring and then can design and draw a perfect match for you to review. Some styles to consider include the classic plain band with a 1/4 round profile, 1/2 round profile, flat or a bevelled edge. Recently, we have also seen brides asking for vintage wedding rings with engraving and filigree scrolls. Lastly, we can offer diamond set options or coloured gemstones. These styles include pave set, channel set and claw set. Shop our women's Wedding Rings.

Womens wedding rings


What Wedding Ring styles do you offer?

We design and produce any wedding ring in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum. Diamond-set wedding rings look great and add some sparkle. Supply us with a photo or review our website of a classic style, and we can adjust for your finger size, match the engagement ring, and supply your perfect ring.

Is Platinum best or White Gold?

Both metals are luxurious and rare, but platinum is better. There is no natural white gold, as gold is always yellow. Jewellers alloy this with silver and white metals to make it white. The gold is then rhodium-plated to be white. Platinum is naturally white, very dense and hard, hypoallergenic and the superior metal. We recommend Platinum for all white-based wedding rings.

Fitted Wedding Rings - tell me about these.

If your engagement ring has a curve or will not allow another ring to sit flush, you might need a fitted wedding ring. We use an MRI scanner to map your existing ring, perfectly fit the new wedding ring, and form a set. Not just the curves but also a diamond row and engraving can be perfectly matched. Contact our team to discuss.

Can Titanium and Black Zircon be resized?

These metals are modern and look terrific, but they can't be resized. The reason is they don't melt, so when we saw the wedding ring open to insert a section to make it larger or remove a section to make it smaller, we are not able to rejoin the band. These wedding rings can't be resized, so choose wisely and try to maintain your finger size.

Favourite Wedding Rings

Gents Titanium Wedding Ring PD216


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