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Terms & Conditions

About Us:

Polished Diamonds is a New Zealand-based Jewellery Design and Manufacturing business.   We trace our origins back to 1969. We have won several awards, including “Best Retail”, “Best Wedding Jewellery Design”, and “Best Engagement Ring Design” at the business awards and also “Best Wedding Jeweller Design”. As an experienced Jewellery business, we are capable of helping you with engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, and all your fine Jewellery requirements. Polished Diamonds is a registered member 1102 of Jewellers and Watchmakers of New Zealand – we have your best interests. We have design showrooms in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch open for public viewing, so do ‘pop in’ for a visit. You are fully protected under The Consumer Guarantees Act and our Lifetime Guarantee. Shop with confidence and enjoy the experience.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime manufacturing guarantee on the Jewellery we produce. This means the integrity of the quality and precious metal of the ring or Jewellery item is guaranteed for the original purchaser’s lifetime. This guarantee does not include wear and tear on the ring or Jewellery item, including loose, chipped or gemstones being knocked out. When a ring leaves our design studio, the gemstone is secure and in perfect condition with no scratches, marks or signs of wear. The diamond will never come loose, fall out or chip itself unless force, knocks, or pressure are applied to push claws or settings open – this is wear and tear. Jewellery is made from soft, malleable metals, so care and regular service is required to maintain fine Jewellery. Loose gemstones are not covered under our guarantee. Think about buying a new car – if you scratch it, you can’t take it back to the new car dealership because some force, bang, pressure or a knock created the scratch. Loose or missing gemstones fall under wear and tear and are usually covered under your insurance policy. Fortunately, a loose diamond is easy to tighten up and polish the ring like a brand new one again, but a lost diamond or gemstone is an insurance claim. We offer valuations and recommend that all Jewellery be insured and specified on your policy.

We require a 50% deposit on custom Jewellery orders to begin manufacturing. Custom Jewellery includes all made-to-order rings and Jewellery items. This percentage can be higher on expensive items where we must purchase materials (diamonds and gold) in advance and can be negotiated. We work on about 3-4 weeks of creation time and can produce in a remarkable 1-2 weeks by prior arrangement. The 50% deposit ensures work on your unique custom-made Jewellery item can commence – exciting times!

We have a satisfaction guarantee meaning we will work with your ring or jewellery design to ensure you are satisfied. Most items are drawn in a CAD model, allowing clients to adjust style before manufacture begins. If we have to remodel the design away from the CAD image, we will charge you labour and materials only, give you credit for the old precious metals, and cast it again. We do not allow refunds on custom-made items, but we’ll work tirelessly to ensure you are 100% delighted with your purchase.

Incorrect Pricing and Product Availability

We list over 30,000 Diamonds and Jewellery products on our website. If a price has been entered incorrectly, we are not obligated to sell for that price but will offer a full refund or a replacement. Some of our overseas diamond cutters can sell a diamond listed on our website, in which case it may not be available, and a refund or substitute will be offered. Our website updates every four hours, so in the unlikely event a diamond becomes unavailable, we will offer a full refund or a replacement diamond.

Custom Made

Most of our rings and jewellery are custom-made and unique to clients’ preferences. These rings or fine jewellery items will be designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) for client approval.  Your order confirmation email is what we are contractually obligated to provide; if the finger size, gold quality (9kt, 14kt, 18kt) or gemstone information is not correct, please contact us so we can correct the order. Once a deposit is received or email confirmation to proceed, your order is what we will deliver, and changes from this can be chargeable. Please note that gold or platinum weights are CAD estimates as polishing and production will alter the final weight. We provide services like polishing, resizing and free ultra-sonic cleaning in our shops. Talk to our team – we are here to help.

Duty Free Export

Duty-Free and GST-Free exports – we have accounts at all International Airports. Each airport charges a $400 handling fee to cover their handling and paperwork requirements to satisfy Inland Revenue – this amount is added to the GST-free price. This exert is from the NZ Customs Wearing and Personal Effects Concession:

“When entering New Zealand, travellers’ are entitled to a wearing apparel and personal effects concession, including Clothing. Toiletries. Personal Jewellery (including watches). The wearing apparel and personal effects concession covers the above items, which may have been acquired duty-free in New Zealand or overseas. These will be admitted free of Customs duty and goods and services tax (GST) irrespective of whether they accompany you or are sent separately, provided they are intended for your use or wear, personally owned by you, and not intended for any other person or persons; and not intended for gift, sale or exchange. Commercial quantities of individual clothing items (including footwear) are not allowed under this concession.”

Quality Guarantee

We strive for satisfied clients and thrive on word of mouth and referrals from over 10,000 delighted customers. We have created and exported our Jewellery to every continent on Earth (including Antarctica). We promise excellent service, high-quality products, value, and a pleasant shopping experience. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at Free-call 0800-233-299 – it would be a pleasure to be involved.