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Diamond Engagement Rings Wellington

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Polished Diamonds Wellington – Why Us?

We are an Award-Winning local Jeweller with a Design Studio on the Wellington Waterfront – pop in to visit. We have been designing and creating Diamond Engagement Rings and Fine Jewellery since 1969. We offer excellent workshop-direct value and the highest quality possible. How do we do this?

Every diamond engagement ring or fine jewellery item is custom-made in about two weeks. We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to display how your design will look using the actual finger size and diamond/gemstone measurements. This allows the client to make style adjustments if required. Our clients can have engraving, filigree, single or multi-stone, halo, classic solitaire, and any ring design. The CAD model will show precisely how your Diamond Engagement Ring will look. We will email the design work or visit our Waterfront Design Studio for personal service and explore the options.

Once approved, we send the CAD file to a 3D printer and produce an exact resin copy. This identical prototype to the CAD model is suspended in casting material, and it cures and goes rock hard after 12 hours. We then inject molten Platinum or Yellow, Rose & White Gold into the mould to incinerate the 3D-printed wax model. The result is an error-free, perfectly symmetrical casting complete with your personalised CAD-approved style points like tiny initials, filigree or engraving. We still finish the ring or jewellery item by hand using traditional craftsmanship to detail & polish before setting the diamond or gemstone. Technology meets traditional craftsmanship, resulting in an error-free, accurate, perfect diamond ring that is unbeaten in quality, value, and finish – backed with a lifetime artistry guarantee. Contact us if you require the best quality at an excellent price – we’d love to be involved.

We can supply any certified diamond that fits your budget. We sell natural and lab-grown diamonds and every gemstone possible, such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Polished Diamonds can then design and produce the ideal ring style for your gemstone, resulting in excellent value and the highest quality. We have won “Best Retail” at the business awards to back our quality proposition. We invite you to contact us and experience our service – we’d love to help you further. Freecall: 0800-233-299 or visit our Wellington Design Studio at 42 Lady Elizabeth Lane / Customhouse Quay.

Design Your Ring With Us

We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to produce every unique ring that we sell.  This software enables us to showcase any style you like to your finger size and using the actual gemstone measurements.  Clients can email us photos of their favourite design and we can add in engraving, filigree, side diamonds and any style adjustments to personalise the ring image.  We email this CAD file for client approval before manufacture. Contact us and start this amazing process.

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Polished Diamonds Wellington – Visit our Design Studio

42 Lady Elizabeth Lane, Custom House Quay
Wellington Waterfront,
Wellington 6011