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Designing for the Perfect Set

Designing the Perfect Ring Set

With the excitement that accompanies the process of choosing an engagement ring, many overlook the later task of choosing a wedding band that compliments it and forms the perfect set. Having a completed set that not only sits flush but has a beautiful, complimenting design is important to us.

Wedding Ring with Diamond

When we design an engagement ring we taper the claws to future proof for a wedding band. By tapering the rings claws this allows space for a wedding ring to be slotted next to it, eliminating any unwanted gaps and providing a perfect fit.

At Polished Diamonds we use a jewellery specific MRI scanner to create the most accurate digital profile of existing jewellery possible. We believe that when our customers go through the process of designing and creating their perfect engagement ring it is equally as important to have a wedding ring that compliments it as a completed set.

We recently had a client approach us wanting to create a wedding band to compliment a ring she purchased from another jeweller. After scanning the digital profile of her engagement ring we then began the process of designing her perfect wedding band.

Wedding Band
Wedding Band

Using her existing engagement ring as a guide, we began designing her Game of Thrones themed wedding band. Once she was pleased with the design, we then measured it to curve around her existing ring to create a flawless set. This customer wanted a gap between the two rings which we were easily able to achieve through our CAD Process combined with 3D printing.