Custom Made Rings

Custom Made Rings

We can custom design any ring for any occasion just like these rings for the Euro 2016 championship – how cool is that!

Thanks to our CAD modelling system we are able to produce any custom ring design even with the smallest detail. We can create a design from one of your sketches or we can design one for you.  We have produced many family crest rings, regimental insignia rings and school leavers items.  The brilliant thing about CAD design is like an architectural image it is proportionately true and exact so you can make adjustments to ensure perfection. But wait we go a step further in that we then 3D print the digital into a wax/polymer resin and cast this into Platinum, Gold or Palladium.  This process ensures the CAD design that you sign off is perfectly transferred from digital into the physical – how cool is that!  So whether you have an antique design or a modern stunner we can perfectly produce to your budget and with perfect symmetry.  Contact us as we’d like to help you further.

We have these two designs for the England football team and can create rings for anyone, from your team or regimental to using your family crest. 

If you want to start the process today and create your own CAD with us, click here.

England Football Ring
Wayne Rooney Ring