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Engagement Ring Styles

Different Engagement Ring Styles

Here at Polished Diamonds, we can offer you every ring style imaginable, from the traditional solitaire to the bolder halo, we have the perfect engagement ring for her lifestyle and your budget – read on and explore…

Solitaire Engagement Rings:

The most traditional and popular engagement ring style is the solitaire, which showcases a single magnificent diamond in either a four or six claw setting in a wide range of metals. This lets the diamond speak or itself and is a timeless piece of jewellery. To add a bit more glamour, add a row of diamonds in the band or for a girl that needs a more secure ring consider a rub over setting. For something between the security of the rub over and the elegance of the claw there is the tension setting. It is named because of the tension in the metal band that secures the diamond in place. The result of this is magical, a diamond that appears suspended.

Platinum Engagement Rings

Halo Diamond Rings:

For rings that dazzle with beauty and stand out even more the halo style is the way to go. Halo engagement settings are also very popular and have an added circle of diamonds around the centre diamond. This adds more radiance and makes the centre diamond appear a lot larger for a low cost. Any diamond shape can be set including; ovals, emerald-cut and even pear and marquise diamonds. The pointy edges of these cuts that can sometimes catch or chip are softened when surrounded by a halo, which can also be encircled with a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds or simply set using a claw setting.

Engagement Rings with Accent Diamonds

Accent Diamonds

For a ring that isn’t quite as bold as the halo but isn’t as subtle as the solitaire try a solitaire with accent diamonds on the side. With the stunning centre diamond the flashing with light and drawing people’s gaze to your ring the smaller accent diamonds set in the side create a bigger, more dazzling look. To create a more unique and colourful statement with the engagement ring why not try adding coloured gemstones as your accent stones.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Styles

Trilogy Diamond Rings:

If you want a ring that will perfectly symbolise the love you have with your partner from the past, present and into the future the trilogy ring does this perfectly with three spectacular diamonds. This symbolism is what has made this particular style one of the ultimate diamond ring classics. What better time to celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and look to the future, than the day you tell your loved one you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Engagement Rings with three diamonds

For further images and inspiration of what you can do with these various styles visit our gallery or design your own ring.