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Designer Engagement Rings

Designer Engagement Rings

We custom design using architectural CAD so you get to view how the diamond ring will actually look. This helps you make design changes and ensures the perfect engagement ring.  So how do we do this?

The starting point is to decide on a budget and the style of ring you would love.

Looking at a diamond shape like round, square (princess) radiant, pear, marquise etc – check our link. Once the shape is established perhaps check ring design either online or pop into a local jewellery store and try some on.  Here at Polished Diamonds we can design and produce any ring design and simply set a smaller diamond or larger to suit your budget.  If you are overwhelmed with choices pop into our store on New Regent Street, Christchurch, and we can talk you through the options or email us what you like We have made over 3500 engagement rings so have a huge back catalogue of designs we can forward and discuss.

Once you have a style in mind pick a diamond or gemstone to suit your budget and then we will draw up a CAD model like below. This design is not final, you can make adjustments to ensure it is perfect.  The amazing thing about CAD is it is dimensionally perfect so what you see is exactly how the ring will come out finished.  We use 3D rapid prototyping to produce an exact wax/polymer model from the digital CAD file.  This wax is then invested into the precious metal via the casting process.  We then hand set, hand polish and hand finish each ring to perfection.  This is the most accurate and perfect way to produce an engagement ring, anniversary ring or a special item.  Contact us today and we can explain the detail behind this amazing process.  As award-winning jewellers, Polished Diamonds are uniquely qualified to help.

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