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Valentines Day – The Day of Love

Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is one we all know and love. It is a celebration for those seeking love, in love and pursuing love. It is a day for romantic gestures, gift-giving and admiring. However, is it just all chocolates and flowers or is there some history behind the so called ‘day of love’?

There are ongoing speculation and multiple plausible theories as to how and why the celebration of love became so significant worldwide and celebrated annually. One of them being that Saint valentine healed the daughter of his jailer and prior to his execution wrote to her, signing the handwritten letter with “your Valentine.” Another being, that Saint Valentine married multiple roman soldiers illegally thus creating his reputation for believing in the significance of love and relationships. It was not until 200 years later that the day was recognised and celebrated as St Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February and thus continuing to be celebrated on an annual basis and transforming into the infamous Valentine’s day that it is today.

Wine and chocolates

Traditionally Valentine’s day was celebrated through the exchanging of handwritten notes however, it is now celebrated very differently depending on the respective country. For example, in Germany couples, exchange ginger flavoured cookies which are shaped like pigs as the animal is recognised as a symbol of lust and luck. In France, it is common to add a lock to the Pont des Arts (Love Lock Bridge), renew vows or alternatively plant a tree on this day. In South Africa, women pin paper love hearts to their clothing with the names of the love interests written on them. However, in America, Australia and New Zealand it is most commonly celebrated through the exchanging of cards, chocolate, flowers, romantic gestures or more substantial gifts such as jewellery. Gifts of this nature are most commonly given as they are not items that one would often purchase for themselves.

Common symbols that are associated with this day are the colours red and pink, the love heart and cupid. Love and affection are often affiliated with the colours red and pink, so it is of no surprise that the use of these colours is particularly prominent on this day. The love heart is an obvious icon used to express one’s love and can be applied to virtually any romantic gesture. For example, a heart-shaped card, chocolates or even a diamond ring as pictured below.

Heart ring

Cupid is also associated with Valentine’s day as he is the god of love, attraction and people. Due to the original religious nature of this day, his presence as a god was and is still very much present in society today. He has been known to ‘strike the hearts of people’ and can be used as a more subtle and secretive way to target one’s partner.

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