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Proposal Ideas – Popping the Question

Proposal Ideas

Is she a laid back type of woman, or is she the centre of attention when you go to parties? A woman’s personality should always be factored into a marriage proposal.

If she loves having attention on her then she’ll appreciate the big orchestra and a public proposal. However, if she’s laid back, she won’t like all that attention and something more personal would be the way to go.

As for when to pop the question…when she’s stressed out or focused on something else, proposing just isn’t a good idea. Also, when you’ve got family and friends visiting, proposing should be avoided. You may think that it would be great to share this occasion with relatives and friends, but after proposing, you will want to be left alone to process this exciting event.  

Marriage Proposal

If she is the laid back more introverted type then strip back all of the big gestures, and simply carry the ring around with you and wait for the right time. It could be when you are both laughing together over dinner in or simply when you are cuddling during a movie.

If she is the more adventurous type then you could take a helicopter ride up a mountain and have a picnic-ready. Pop the question as to the sun sets. Or make a night of it and stay in a lodge and get the helicopter to pick you up the next day.

If it’s the winter months then plan a trip up to the ski fields and write different phrases in the snow that are visible as you’re going up the ski lift. At the very top, have the last phrase “Will You Marry Me”. (Just make sure the safety bar is down when you propose!)

If you both like going on long walks then what better place to propose than at the end of the trail? It’s symbolic of your journey and chances are, the view at the top will be breathtaking.

It’s no secret trend, the Flash Mob Proposal has been popping up everywhere for the last few years. They’re so full of energy and emotion – and even more so when friends and family join in the mob as well.  So if planning a big surprise if what you like then this could be the way to do it.

Christmas is already a special time but make it even more special by proposing. Hang the ring box like an ornament on the tree. When the last present has been opened, say, “Wait, there’s still one more present.” Get them to find it hanging on the tree or grab it down and propose. You could also wrap the ring box inside several bigger boxes so that she has no idea a ring is inside.

Restaurants have always been popular places to propose. Call beforehand and get their advice on the best way to propose in their restaurant. Perhaps the proposal is written out on a plate or the waiter delivers the ring along with your food.

Skywriting is such a good way to make a statement. You can have an intimate and private marriage proposal, while still proclaiming your love to the world.

And finally, if you have travelled somewhere and are heading to a theme park get her to sit in the front of the roller coaster or log ride and get everyone behind to lift up pieces of paper with the words will you marry me as you pass the photo point. As you look at the photos at the end of the ride, get down on one knee.

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