Why Choose Us

Polished Diamonds offer the Worlds premium GIA Certified Diamonds and produce the most accurate jewellery possible. We are award winning Jewellers of Distinction and can help you with an amazing diamond engagement ring or precious jewellery item.

Here is how we can offer you the Best Value, Best Quality and Most Accurate Jewellery and why choosing Polished Diamonds is an excellent decision you will never regret: 


We enjoy making the best Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and supplying GIA certified Diamonds; if you have a passion your attention to detail and quality is naturally higher.  Every item we produce is personally inspected to ensure perfection.  We will not aloow any item to leave our workshop unless it reaches our very high quality standards - we take it very serious to ensure you are getting the best quality possible.


We sell GIA certified Diamonds and focus on Excellent cut for a brighter, high performing and more reflective sparkle - the Worlds best Diamonds.  The GIA is regarded as the foremost World authority in all things diamond and gemmological. We would rather set a high performing gemstone into our jewellery and will offer an excellent price to ensure the completed item is a statement of quality.  We like sparkle and high performance and offer this to our clients.

Custom made engagement rings


  • Each item comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Yes that is correct a Lifetime Guarantee.  This is the quality level that we are operating at; chain stores offer a 1 year guarantee because they are selling rubbish jewellery that might be lucky to make it to 1 year.  This speaks volumes of our competitors and the state of the jewellery industry.  We are so focused on the quality of our diamond rings and jewellery that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee - beat that!
  • We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to model and preview each unique Diamond Ring for a perfect custom fit and perfect symmetry - the results are precision engineering at its finest. We also CAD and produce your matching Wedding Ring at a later date for your convenience and to form a perfect set.
  • From the digital CAD we 3D print a wax/polymer model to perfectly replicate the design. A bench jeweller will never replicate a CAD design perfectly so we make a wax mould to invest into Platinum, Gold or Palladium - kind of cool hey?
  • We hand set, hand polish and hand finish each Diamond Ring to perfection. Traditional craftsmanship at its finest can never be substituted.
  • Each Diamond Ring is custom made to suit so any style, design and budget can be accommodated. We are here to help you buy the best you can afford; do it once and do it right! 

We Operate in 13 Countries and have 1,000's of happy clients. The sun never sets on Polished Diamonds we are a Global business of distinction based here in New Zealand.  Read our glowing Testimonials from our many satisfied clients including celebrities, sports stars, even Prime Ministers.  We sell GIA certified diamonds, design in CAD for ultimate precision and your preview before manufacture, 3D print to create the physical from the perfect digital, hand set, hand finished to ultimate perfection with a lifetime guarantee - it doesn't get any better.  NZJW financial members 1102 and award winning - 'Best Retail' - call us for a friendly chat 0800-233-299. We feel privileged to be involved and will sincerely help you buy better, buy smarter and have an amazing item - you can trust us. 


Our volume enables us to offer Excellent prices at the highest Quality. We put our reputation and customer satisfaction over profits to ensure you get the best!  You grow a brand through positive word of mouth and offering exceptional value, service and finished product.  We guarantee you will not produce any cheaper at this level of quality and if you can we'll match it and shout you a bottle of champagne.  There is plenty of cheaper products but they are not the same as they will not be close to the quality level we are offering - even then we are often cheaper than the mass produced rubbish jewellery.

Our staff are Qualified and return your enquiries quickly and efficiently. We believe in full information disclosure and not using elaborate marketing names to describe diamonds like hearts and arrows, fire of the north, cross fire - I mean really....really?  A diamond is a gemmological item and can be explained and discussed in basic terms to reflect the carat, colour, cut, polish, symmetry, certification and clarity without the confusing adjectives of a Hollywood blockbuster. Our terminology is gemmological, simple and not bias - we tell you how it is and help you make the right decision.  Having made 1,000's of custom diamond rings, pendants and fine jewellery items we can explain all facets of your purchase and answer your questions.  Call us on 0800-233-299 or use our Live Chat function, we like to inform people and help you buy better.

Diamond Service

Please Contact Us - we would like to help you further and answer any questions you might have.  We guarantee your satisfaction and a pleasant shopping experience.