Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that exists in only one colour, a distinctive lime green.

The stone is one of the “Idiochromatic” gems, which means that its color comes from the fundamental chemical composition of the mineral itself rather then the impurities. The stone, therefore, does not exhibit multiple colors, only different shades of green with a dash of yellow in them.

When presented as a gift, Peridot is said to bring the wearer magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares. It is also believed that the stone has the power to bring peace and progress in one’s life. The birthstone is believed to heal the lungs, spleen, intestines, lymph and breast of ailments. Amulets with Peridot stones are known to be an effective remedy for Asthma, Sinus, thyroid, eye and liver infections. These stones are known also to to alleviate depression, anger, stress, jealousy and other negative emotions.

peridotWebThe stone is also known to be the ideal gift for a couple’s 16th Anniversary. Associated with love, loyalty, commitment and harmony, the stone has a beautiful poem associated with it. “Wear a Peridot or for thee, No conjugal fidelity, The August born without this stone,`Tis said, must live unloved alone”.

Today, most Peridot comes from Arizona but it is also found in China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

Peridot gemstones smaller than three carats are very common but gemstones over five carats are rare and therefore have a higher value.