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The Most Accurate Engagement Ring

The Most Accurate Engagement Ring

Here at Polished Diamonds, technology has allowed us to create your engagement ring to perfection using our Computer-Aided Design software, also called CAD. This process replaces hand drafting and sketches, meaning the design process is precise, down to 0.01mm, or the thickness of human hair.

Having the ability to draft our rings with such accuracy means we can create a perfect visual representation of your custom-designed ring, modelled to your finger size and diamond measurements. Never before have jewellers been able to create any ring design with such precision and accuracy. The result is a flawless diamond engagement ring—wow.

           CAD Trilogy Ring Design:                                 Finished Trilogy Ring:

CAD Example
Diamond Ring in a black background


Following the digital design process, we 3D print the unique ring into a wax polymer model to take the digital design to physical form.  This revolutionary process avoids potential human errors and ensures exact symmetry and replication. Once we have a perfect wax model, we cast it with any high-quality metals, including platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Once the metal has been cast, we have the perfect replication of our digital CAD design in the precious metal.  Our be h jewellers have over 50 years of experience in hand polishing and setting the diamonds or gemstones.  There is no substitute for traditional hand craftsmanship in the clean-up, polishing and setting stages.  This process means we have the tools to make any design with such precision that Polished Diamonds has a strong focus on creating the perfect ring possible for each of our valued customers.  We can produce the most accurate and perfect diamond engagement ring, and we deliver time after time using this process.  Each u que jewellery item is backed with a lifetime guarantee, so the quality in the build is never compromised, resulting in your complete satisfaction.  The main point of CAD design is clients do not have to come into our design studio, as the digital images can be emailed around the world for clients to confirm or make minor adjustments.  When using GIA-certified diamonds with laser inscriptions for security, clients can trust the gemstone is correct.

Some CAD Design Examples:

CAD Example 2
CAD Example 3


Producing specialised rings with this design and 3D printing process gives us a point of difference from other jewellers who sell stock items; this also means we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a lifetime guarantee so that you can feel just as confident. Our diamonds come with GIA certification to instil that confidence, so you know you are getting a superior quality product. Although our process is very detailed, our talented designers work hard to create your unique ring in 10-15 days. We guarantee to create whatever design you desire while working within your budget. Using the CAD design system, you can find any inspiration from images online, like Pinterest and Google images, which we can then draw up in a proportional sketch in our architectural CAD software.  For the perfect diamond engagement ring or precious jewellery item, contact Polished Diamonds – we’d love to help. 

Here are some more CAD Design Examples: 

CAD Example 4
CAD Example 5

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We would love to help you create your perfect engagement ring, so do get in touch: either visit our design studio at 30 New Regent Street, CBD, for a chat or send us and email at