Coloured Diamonds

Despite the fact diamonds exist in over 300 different colours, white is by far the most common and preferred. Diamonds can be found in nature in any colour form with varying shades and hues, with it also being the hardest naturally occurring material.

With the vast majority appearing white they can also be found as pink and blue stones which are thought of as being much more sort after and valuable colours. However red diamonds are the rarest colour, sourced from only a select few locations around the world. Other colours such as yellow, steel grey, purple, orange, green and blue are also existent and can be cut to the desired shape and size. Approximately 1 out of every 10,000 sourced is found to be coloured. Emphasizing the rarity of different colours.

Blue, Yellow and Pink Diamonds

The colour is dependent on physical factors, such as how the light reacts with the stones of different carbon atoms. A pure white diamond has carbon atoms formed in a perfectly symmetrical tetrahedral shape, allowing for the diamond to be perceived as colourless. These perfectly formed gemstones are however non-existent due to the pressures the stone experiences whilst forming.

Coloured Diamonds

For the colour of the stone to change from white to pink, for example, the stone is subject to a significantly larger amount of pressure under the earth’s surface. Although coloured diamonds exhibit the same chemical structure as white ones, they contain a larger amount of impurities and defects thus resulting in the change in colour. Coloured diamonds are classified as either Type 1 or Type 2, which is dependent on the presence and amount of nitrogen impurities the stone contains. Type 1 is accountable for 98% of all naturally occurring with Type 2, therefore, making up 2%.

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