How to Choose a Diamond

Polished Diamonds provides an interactive tool to help select your diamond and compare the vital factors of price, colour, carat and clarity. The cut quality is also an important factor in deciding which diamond would best suit you.

Firstly select one of the diamond shapes. You can select a range of prices, colours, carats and clarities in direct relationship to your budget.

Diamond selection tool

You can literally compare diamonds with diamonds, side by side, by selecting the various options available to you. Be sure to try different variations of colour carat and clarity to see how that affects the pricing. We have access to the entire World stock of Polished Diamonds so feel free to browse through the wide range of options available to you.

Remember this pricing should be considered cumulatively along with the price of the production and crafting of your ring. If you have any questions in regard to these factors please read our blog post on the 5 C’s of Diamond Certification, call us on 0800-233-299 or enquire for personal assistance - we like to help.