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Auckland Wedding Rings

Don’t ruin your cherished engagement ring with an “off the shelf” wedding ring. Custom design one to perfectly fit.

Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design specialise in Auckland Wedding Bands with our Design Studio located at 269 Ponsonby Road. This is a great place to visit and experience the service and view over 300 diamond ring styles and pre-arrange a diamond viewing with over 10,000 available in our vault.

We are unique amongst Jewellery Stores in that we design and produce each engagement ring and wedding band that we sell. This starts with a consultation to understand the style of ring, the colour of the precious metal like yellow gold or platinum and the type and shape of the gemstones (if any.) At Polished Diamonds Auckland studio, you can explore the possibilities and decide on options in a relaxing and informative place.

All of our engagement rings are made to fit perfectly with a wedding band of any style, designed specifically for each ring we create. There is no obligation to purchase them all at the same time like other stores will push you to do, with your ring designed with us and in our personalized database, we’ll create the band when you are ready.

Our Auckland made Wedding Bands are created to a superior specification by using Computer-Aided Design or CAD. Designing using architectural software enables the actual proportions of the finger size and gemstone measurements to be viewed and confirmed. Using CAD also provides the ability to design the wedding band flush with your existing engagement ring, even if we did not design the original. The most accurate and symmetrically perfect diamond rings are well planned and thought out using clever technology.

Didn’t get your engagement ring with us, but still want Polished Diamonds superior quality? We can still help!

Below is an example (in grey) of a ring scanned in using the most up-to-date MRI technology. We then re-create this in CAD referencing the original ring and design a matching wedder to sit flush with perfect accuracy! When using a ring “off the shelf,” not designed to your original ring, you risk them rubbing against each other and ultimately ruining each other over time. No one wants that! We can scan, design, and produce an Auckland made wedding band for you at a fraction of the cost of finding something “off the shelf.”

Auckland made Wedding Band

It can be difficult finding quality custom made jewellers in Auckland. Some stores offer mass-produce items made overseas. Other stores offer exorbitant pricing based on branding and not the quality of product they sell. The problem with chain retail stores is there is no quality control on the harmful alloys going into the gold. The gemstones can be procured illegally and there are no assurances. With purchasing a quality and custom made Diamond Engagement Ring or Wedding Band from Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design, you can be assured of its provenance. We sell certified diamonds that trace back to the country of origin including Canadian and Russian diamonds. We also back our diamond rings with a lifetime guarantee and offer a Jewellery Valuation and full Audit from the Auckland based Jewellery Valuation Centre.

Auckland we are here for you and for all things Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands or Anniversary. Please explore our website, contact us, call us free on 0800-233-299, or visit our design studio at 269 Ponsonby Road – we’d love to be involved.

Auckland Diamond Rings with Nick